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BlogPiG Products Update Automatically!

Good news!

BlogPiG plugins now update automatically!

The auto-update feature of BlogPiG plugins was introduced just recently so that the process of updating to the latest versions of our products is much easier for you!

Plugins that now have the this feature are:

  • CloakPiG 2.2
  • CommentPiG 2.1.5
  • CSVPiG 2.4.12
  • TagPiG 2.2.7

How This Affects You

We’re updating our products all the time based on your feedback so take a moment to read the information below on how you can upgrade your product versions in a couple of clicks:

Update notifications will be visible in the admin sidebar (Updates, Plugins) as well as in the Plugins list table.

Users can then view info about the latest version and can perform the update from within WP-admin.

The update is performed by WP via FTP. The user is then required to enter her/his credentials (for her/his FTP server).

Users should note that that when entering information into the “Hostname” field (on the FTP credentials page), they should enter “localhost” (not the domain name).

Below are some screen grabs to illustrate the update notifications:

Update Notification in Plugins List Table

Update Notifications in Sidebar and Updates Page



Status Box in BlogPiG Plugin with Auto-update Feature

Plugin Info Modal Window


FTP Credentials Page

6 Comments on “BlogPiG Products Update Automatically!

  1. That’s a nice inclusion. With 70 odd blogs to keep an eye it should make life easier (eek)…

    • Exactly – most of our customers have multiple sites and our plugins should save you work, not create a new task! Hope it helps!

  2. Nice to hear from you Fiona, are you still involved with NicheReaper? If you are give them a nudge and ask them to do some new videos to reflect the new features.

    • Hey Rick, how are those Alps? Glorious at this time of year, I bet!

      I have no involvement with NR at all but I am sitting a metre away from Gary so will kick him under the desk! ;-) I’m sure Matt will enjoy doing another video.

  3. Hey this is Howard, I thought I would shoot for a backlink while I was at it :)

    This is AWESOME!!! You guys are always on top of things (cept Gary trashes my emails :(

    Kidding, I know you are busy. But this is a great improvement and much appreciated!

    Between you guys, Mike Johnson and the one and only midiwhale/Peter I don’t have to turn anywheres else for my IM solutions.

    Thanks Again!

    • Thanks, Howard! Yeah, we’re doing a bit of house-keeping trying to get our existing products as slick as possible…more improvements to come!