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Getting the Most out of TagPiG

A month or so ago I did a post about CommentPiG and its settings.  Since then I’ve had some questions from a customer about TagPiG and how best to manage the tagging sources and I thought it could be helpful to share the tips I gave him.

Here is what he asked:

What are the advantages of the four tagging sources (Yahoo, OpenCalais, Zemanta, Alchemy) over each other?

Which one (Yahoo, OpenCalais, Zemanta, Alchemy) will work best if I bundle it with the WP Robot plugin and let it auto tag all new posts?

How many sources should I use for Auto Tag Sources – should I pick one or a few or all auto tag sources at a time on a blog?

The answer to all three of this customer’s points could be summed up thus: it depends! It depends on the subject matter of your blog or blogs.

Different sources can deliver better or worse results depending on the niche of the site or blog post you are tagging.

I’d say most people employ all the tagging sources. On, for example, we use all the tagging sources – I just delete any tags I don’t like (if there are any), it takes a few seconds, but then I’m not dealing with multiple posts every day or even every week on this site.

TagPiG Tactics

If you really want to hone TagPiG’s performance on a particular blog, you can employ this tactic:

Take the time to switch each tag source on individually to test the quality and  relevance of the tags for your site.

By testing them, you will get an idea of which sources to enable and which to disable for your niche.

You can speed up this process by hitting the ‘Add Tags Now’ link within the post after each source has been turned on, so you can see immediate results. This button can be found under ‘TagPiG Tags’ on the top right of the edit post page. Then delete the tags and try a different source.

So, this up front work can take a little bit of time (maybe an hour to test the sources?) but then you can leave TagPiG to run automatically in confidence.

Don’t forget you can also add your own tags manually.  It’s very quick and easy: just go into the admin of your post and scroll down. On the left hand side is the section ‘Post Tags’ – just paste your list of tags in there.

Implementing good tags are important for the search engines, help create a good experience for your website visitors and, if you use CommentPiG, also help steer that plugin to search for on topic comments, so do make sure you make the most of what TagPiG can do for you!

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One Comment on “Getting the Most out of TagPiG

  1. Since the first time I bought this powerful auto tagger, I use all the tags sources. Because I found my traffic increase almost by 30%, so until now I keep my first setting.
    Thank Fiona, I will to test the best tag source to get the most out of TagPig. Once, again for this simple yet powerful tips.