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The internet marketing tide IS turning

Some of you, well, those of you who are members of Mike Johnson’s Auto Blog Blueprint, might have read some important news yesterday which relates to BlogPiG.

In spite of the 3,500 miles between us, Mike Johnson and BlogPiG have been getting closer over the last six months.  Discussions about the state of the industry, the testing of each other’s products and offerings, the sharing of ideas…well, we’ve found we have  a lot in common.

For those of you who don’t know Mike and what he does, Mike is the oracle on all things auto blogging.  His knowledge and experience is immense, but what sets him apart is his ability to share this goldmine with the members of his Auto Blog Blueprint course in an honest, straightforward way.  Mike is able to translate his experiences into excellent training and he is one of the most supportive experts on the net, providing one-to-one advice on his very active forum.

So, what draws together a man like Mike and a bunch of techies, lead by Gary Prendergast, at BlogPiG?

Well, I suppose the main thing is that we share a mindset – both parties want to deliver something good and fair and genuinely useful in an industry which is increasingly leaving a bad taste in our mouths.  And we want to help turn the tide, to move the industry forward positively.  At BlogPiG we aim to do that through quality software. Auto Blog Blueprint does it through training, advice and community.

But imagine if we combined forces.

Imagine a single trusted resource which provided you with everything you needed to either get going in internet marketing, or to up your game in internet marketing.  Software, tools, training, advice, community…all in one place….reviewed, tested, built, videod, documented…all in one place.  Delivered by people you trust.

On 26th October, will launch. is the result of a brand new partnership between Mike Johnson and Gary Prendergast and will be the one-stop course for anyone looking to build a business online, not just auto blogs. will consist of the best training, constantly updated, and the best software, constantly updated, all in one place. This will be backed up with a great support team. It will be huge.

What does this mean for BlogPiG?

Well, will continue, business as usual!  We’re still going to maintain and develop our existing base of WP plugins  and develop new ones. For those people who simply need a top plugin to take care of certain tasks on their WordPress site, this will be the place to come to.  Gary and I continue to work with our ever-expanding team of developers on new versions of our plugins and as an exisiting member, you’ll get all the updates as usual.

I don’t have any more details about but nearer the time will post about the finer points.  But, really, I am about BlogPiG and I’m looking forward to bringing you some great new and improved tools for your WordPress blogs.

Thank you for being part of the journey of BlogPiG and helping us improve the Internet Marketing industry.

19 Comments on “The internet marketing tide IS turning

  1. I’ve been a member of Auto Blog Blueprint since version 1.0 and rely on it to guide even my non-autoblog sites. I’ve just started using BlogPiG products (already have CloakPiG and TagPiG) and they’re as excellent as Mike’s products and services.

    I am looking forward to hearing more about this partnership and will likely be first in line to sign up.

    Way to go, guys!


    • Gary, thank you for the feedback, this is exactly why it made sense to join forces – hopefully we can increase our efforts and outputs many times over to provide more services!

  2. This is really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing how ya’ll combine forces. I am a member of ABB, and use CloakPiG and TagPiG and have been impressed by the help available when I need it. This should be interesting! And it is certainly a breath of fresh air to have people who are looking to make an ethical living in the IM world!

    • Only good can come of it. And things can and are changing, there are more good guys out there and we’re gradually coming together. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Excellent stuff guys, i am delighted that you both are going to work together, this will really make a big difference!

    I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with…

    Good luck…


    • Thanks for the good wishes, Paul!

  4. Looking forward to see what comes out of this merge. I am an ABB member, and own several Pig plunging and hope we get discounted access. :-)

    • Kevin, ABB members will get free access to entry level!

  5. This is great news. There is synergy between these two groups and the outcome is certain to be a plus for your customers. The IM scene is scary these days with a lot of garbage in the mix. Looking forward to your new offerings!!

    • Thanks, Koronis, we hope our customers and many more people will benefit!

  6. This is NBA – Nothing But Awesome. Can’t wait — it’s like a super-nexus of quality developers and integrity converging into a massive vortex… Not too over-stated, right? LOL

    • Ha ha! That could be’s slogan! ;-) No, not too overstated at all…

  7. I really like your plugins and respect your opinion so will look forward to seeing more :-)

    • Thanks, Lloyd, we’ll keep you posted as things progress!

  8. Good news.

    Have really got tired of sifting through the Warrior Forum offer of the day stuff, just want one point of reference to get what I need.

    Do hope Niche Reaper becomes part of which sounds like it is going to have different levels of membership.

    Looking forward to seeing it all, put me down for any early bird registration for testing out and trial.

  9. congratulations on teaming up with Mike Johnson…

    he is special…

    i have Reaper – a good product .

    as a group your right to combine your skill sets.

    i wish you every success on your journey…

  10. I’ve been using TagPig for quite a few months now and it is fantastic. If is only half as good as TagPig then it will be worth its weight in gold.

    Great Blog,btw

  11. Awesome, I can see nothing BUT good things coming from this! As any ABB member can attest to, we get tired of chasing products like a game of dodge ball. We also rely heavily on Mike Johnson’s recommendations because we’ve got businesses to run and reviewing plugins is NOT productive to us.

    We also trust Mike because he aligns himself with vendors for our own good, not his own profit.
    Yeah, this is a good thing.