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CloakPiG – Link Cloaker Plugin


Who needs CloakPiG?

You do…

If you earn commission through affiliate links then you need to protect your links from hijacking in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Within seconds of installation CloakPiG will AUTOMATICALLY protect all your existing AND any future affiliate links you publish on your blog.  You won’t ever need to lift a finger again to cloak your links!

Why cloak your links?

Your links are being hijacked. You are losing affiliate commissions owed to you.

Many of your customers unknowingly have malicious software (adware) on their PCs which replaces your affiliate ID when your links are clicked on. Savvy customers can easily spot your ID within your affiliate links on your site and either swap or remove it.

Bottom line – you invest the time, money and effort to generate a customer but someone else collects your commission.

CloakPiG prevents hijacking by disguising your links so that they no longer look like affiliate links.  You keep ALL the commission you deserve.

Why is CloakPiG the best?

Other link cloakers take time to set-up and manage. You have to enter each new affiliate URL manually to generate your cloaked links. This creates more work for you.

CloakPiG is different, because at BlogPiG we prefer our products to do all the hard work.

It takes ten seconds to install and will immediately and automatically cloak every external link you have ever made, and will ever make in the future.

Your links and your commission are protected instantly and you can rest assured that any future link you post will automatically receive the same protection.

In addition to such powerful automation, CloakPiG also offers you some advanced features, all of which are optional and customisable:

  • Pre-loading of cookies to 100% safeguard against lost commission
  • Image cloaking to increase authority and reduce auto-content footprints
  • Pagerank Hoarding to prevent dilution of pagerank
  • Keyword optimisation of links to aid SEO
  • Total control to include or exclude certain links as you wish

How does CloakPiG work?

Whether you have 10 links or 10,000, CloakPiG instantly disguises them all. And it disguises them very effectively.

Your average affiliate link, before cloaking, could look as unsightly as this:


CloakPiG provides a much neater and more appealing cloaked link. By default the product will use a 4 character random code attached to your website domain (root domain) to cloak your links. e.g.


Using this random code gives you over 16 million unique combinations! You can, however, also customise your links to contain keywords.

Want Even More Control?

CloakPiG can be up and running on your WordPress posts within seconds and can run on autopilot with no intervention from you whatsoever.  But if you do want to leverage your external links further, we’ve incorporated some features which offer you additional advantages from your link cloaking:

Cookie Pre-Loading

How would you like to guarantee your commission before a customer has even clicked on your affiliate link?

CloakPiG allows you to pre-load your affiliate cookies whilst the customer is still on your site, ensuring that even if your link does get tampered with, you still get your commission.

The affiliate link must exist on your webpage but outside of that you can control how it works:

– Specify exactly which affiliate networks you do an don’t want to pre-load cookies for

– Specify that the visitor has to hover over the link before a cookie is pre-loaded

CloakPiG’s cookie pre-loading has been built to be virtually undetectable. The default setting for this feature is ‘off’ so if it is not of interest to you, you can just ignore it.

Customise Links

You can customise the text in the cloaked links to a keyword of your choice – great for further optimising your posts for the search engines.  You can optimise your links manually or you can set CloakPiG to insert keywords into your cloaked links automatically. CloakPiG can use any or all of the following from your post, in any combination, to insert keywords :

  • Random tags (e.g. ht*p://
  • Anchor text (e.g. ht*p://
  • Blog post title (e.g. ht*p://

Pagerank Hoarder

Everyone knows that too many external links on your site lowers your pagerank. People often attempt to use nofollow tags to ‘sculpt’ pagerank and prevent Google following external links. In our experience this no longer works very well and Google has pretty much admitted that it now follows nofollow (go figure!).

The only sure way to preserve 100% of your pagerank is to have NO external links on your pages but that means no clicks, no affiliate offers and no payday right….?

CloakPiG’s new Pagerank Hoarder technology will identify when Googlebot is visiting your site and display your pages with NO external links.

BUT when a human visitor is identified CloakPiG displays all your links as normal (auto cloaked of course) so you get clicks and of course GET PAID!

Keep 100% of your PageRank & Get Paid. Pretty cool huh?!

Auto Keyword Linking

This powerful new feature will automatically link ANY keyword ANYWHERE on your site to a link of your choice.

You can of course add keywords and links manually to the CloakPiG DB if you really want to but who wants to do that? :)

Instead CloakPiG builds your own auto keyword list every time you add a new link anywhere on your site. ANY other occurrence of the same anchor text in all previous and future posts/pages will then be automatically linked to same url.

You can also export & import your auto keyword lists across all your blogs for hundreds of cloaked affiliate links…

Instant Monetisation!

Include/Exclude Domains

You can whitelist any domain you don’t want cloaked or use custom tags to include or exclude links from cloaking.

Click Tracker

CloakPiG includes a simple click counter so you can see which of your offers is attracting the most clicks.

On top of that, CloakPiG is fully search engine compliant and can even help your search engine rankings by disguising your external links as internal links, so you won’t have page rank bleeding from your site.

What Does CloakPiG Look Like?

Can I Try It Out First?

Sure you can.  You can download and use CloakPiG right now for just $7 and try it out for 7 days.

We believe in giving you a fair chance to make sure that CloakPiG is the right solution for your business.

We’ll support you every step of the way to make sure you’re happy. This is why we ask for a small commitment of $7 to get the relationship started.

If after 7 days you decide that CloakPiG is right for you then you’ll be charged $77 for a lifetime license.

[order_box_2 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]Due to overwhelming demand this plugin is no longer for sale individually. It is now only available to members of the Profit.FM private marketers portal.


What If CloakPiG Is Not For Me?

I am extremely confident that you will love the functionality of your CloakPiG plugin. Lots of extremely happy BlogPiG customers already agree.

I want you to be a BlogPiG member for a long time and I’d love you to buy some of my other automation products. The only way I’m going to persuade you to do that is by keeping you very happy and delivering a high quality product that does what it says on the box.

As part of this agreement, if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with CloakPiG just drop me a note within 60 days of downloading CloakPiG and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked.

Where Is My Bonus?

If you’re down here looking for the sort of bonuses that so often accompany product sales these days then I’m afraid you’re going be a bit disappointed.

At BlogPiG we build high quality, fairly priced software that offers outstanding value in its own right.

Tip: Whenever I see a product offer that includes bonus offers my alarm bells start to ring and I tend to walk away. Try it sometime, it might save you a lot of disappointment…