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CommentPiG – Get More Comments


What is CommentPiG?

footprintCommentPiG is a WordPress plugin that gets more comments for your blog.

CommentPiG analyses your post’s topic and scours the internet to find suitable comments. Targeted comments are automatically added to your posts which in turn encourages your real readers to start adding more comments.

CommentPiG automatically handles the scheduling, posting, targeting, linking & filtering of all your blog comments. Novice bloggers can use CommentPiG out-of-the-box whilst experts can leverage the advanced features to exploit its full potential.

Why CommentPiG?

Comments are a vote of confidence for your blog’s quality, just like backlinks. Lots of comments on your blog say “this blog is worth reading”, no comments say “move along now, there’s nothing to see here”.

Search engines love blogs with comments and discount those without. Even worse, blogs with lots of posts but no comments can be labelled as spam blogs.

Kick-start Your Blog Comments

be firstSo why does your blog have no comments? Well it turns out that blog readers are just like everybody else – nobody wants to go first and blog readers don’t want to be the first to leave a comment on your blog. What’s the point in leaving a comment if you think no-one else is going to read it?

CommentPiG overcomes this initial resistance by creating comments automatically. Other readers see these comments and are encouraged start leaving comments themselves. It’s a chain reaction, it just needs a kick-start and CommentPiG provides it.

Create Unique Content

Comments often contain keywords matching your original post’s theme thereby reinforcing your blogs authority. Comments present a unique opportunity for you to use targeted content from many different sources without having to worry about duplicate content penalties.

Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties

Comments are by their very nature ‘fragmented content’ and search engines expect to see lots of different sentences presented together on a page in the form of comments. When else can you get away with presenting content this way?

Get Indexed Everyday

Despite their best efforts to convince us otherwise search engine spiders are not overly complicated beasts. A search spider visits your new webpage and then indexes it. A few days later it visits the page again. If there is new content on the page it updates its index and marks your page for a re-visit soon. If the search engine sees that all of your posts are being commented on regularly it will deep index the blog whenever it returns, and it will return a lot because it wants to index those fresh comments.

On the contrary if the content remains the same on several subsequent visits the spider will visit a few more times but it soon gets bored and stops coming back. Eventually your post ends up buried deep in the archives and even lower down in the rankings.

Grow Pages Organically

CommentPiG will deliver new comments to your blog everyday. Over time your blog pages will grow with relevant, natural comments. With CommentPiG running in the background your blog posts will never get stale; comments can be added across your blog regardless of the post’s age. Your archived posts will get re-indexed by the search engines time and time again.

A Fire and Forget Solution

Once CommentPiG is running on your blog it requires no further interaction from you ever. This frees up your time to build even more blogs and more sites means more revenues.

CommentPiG is a true fire and forget solution:

  • Automatically retrieves comments that match your post’s topic
  • Automatically controls the comment retrieval schedule
  • Intelligently selects which posts to comment on
  • Automatically generates new virtual usernames for retrieved comments
  • Automatically injects authority links into the retrieved comments
  • Automatically injects your network/affiliate links into the retrieved comments
  • Automatically filters retrieved comments to ensure they contain no unwanted content
  • Allows advanced users to import their own comment or user databases

Does it Work on Autoblogs?

Of course! CommentPiG is essential kit for autobloggers. The #1 footprint for autoblogs is zero comments. It is extremely for search engines to filter out or discount blogs with no comments. Comments are essentially just another vote of confidence for a blog’s quality, just like backlinks. Lots of comments on your blog say “this blog is worth reading”, no comments say “move along now, there’s nothing to see here”.

With CommentPiG running on your autoblogs they will quickly become hubs of user activity with no zero comment footprint.

Can I Try It Out First?

7for7daySure you can. You can download CommentPiG right now for just $7 and try it out for 7 days.

We believe in giving you a fair chance to make sure that CommentPiG works correctly with your sytems and suits your business workflow.

We’ll support you every step of the way to make sure you’re happy. This is why we ask for a small commitment of $7 to get the relationship started.

If after 7 days you decide that CommentPiG is right for you then you’ll be charged $77 per year.

[order_box_2 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]Due to overwhelming demand this plugin is no longer for sale individually. It is now only available to members of the Profit.FM private marketers portal.



What If CommentPiG Isn’t For You?

100_satisfactionI am extremely confident that you will love the functionality of your CommentPiG plugin. Lots of extremely happy BlogPiG customers already agree.

I want you to be a BlogPiG member for a long time and I’d love you to buy some of my other automation products. The only way I’m going to persuade you to do that is by keeping you very happy and delivering a high quality product that does what it says on the box.

As part of this agreement, if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with CommentPiG just drop me a note within 60 days of downloading CommentPiG and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked.


So Where Is Your Bonus?

If you’re down here looking for the sort of bonuses that so often accompany product sales these days then I’m afraid you’re going be a bit disappointed.
At BlogPiG we build high quality, fairly priced software that offers outstanding value in its own right.

Tip: Whenever I see a product offer that includes bonus offers my alarm bells start to ring and I tend to walk away. Try it sometime, it might save you a lot of disappointment…