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CloakPiG 2.2 has been updated – based on YOUR feedback

You might remember we changed our customer support system recently.  We moved to UserVoice as we felt it provided a more immediate way for our customers to provide feedback and feature requests.  Well, sure enough, you guys have given us some great input!

CloakPiG, our auto link cloaker, has been the first PiG to benefit so far and among a couple of bug fixes, based on your feedback we have added the following options and features to the product:

New Features Which Give You More Control

  • Preloading of cookie only for the affiliate networks you specify, allowing you to be selective about which networks you do or don’t pre-load cookies for
    • If this option is selected, CoakPiG will only preload cookies from the domains which are listed in the “Manage Network List”. Click the affiliate network list link to add domains on the list
  • Pre-loading of cookie if mouse-over event occurs, allowing you to be even more targetted with your cookie pre-loading
    • If selected, this feature will preload the cookies of every affiliate link over which the visitor’s mouse hovered, because it’s likely they were either thinking about clicking the link, or viewing the URL to see if they could change the affiliate ID
  • Fully functional wildcard feature for all domain list, so you can target the domains you want, where you want
    • You can now use * as a wildcard character for the domain that you want to specify in “Domain Exemption List”, “Domain Cloaking List”, “Manage Network List”, “Edit Safe List” in CloakPiG
    • Example: *.clickbank.* – this will match http://anything.clickbank.anything
  • Link a keyword up to n time(s) per URL
    • Using this option, you can specify the number of times you want a keyword be linked to the same URL, per page
  • Labelling of manual links, enabling you to manage them more easily
    • You can now label each link using a description field.  As the label is included in the search functionality, retrieval of manual links from the system is easier
    • You can now also filter the results to show only manual links
  • Include or exclude keywords within header tags “<h1>, <h2>…” from autolinking
    • This option allows you to specify if you want the keywords inside the header tags to be autolinked or not

On top of these new features, our guys took care of a few bug fixes too. Among other things, keywords which are auto linked now retain the case of the anchor text i.e. they’ll match the use of upper or lower case letters.  More importantly, links generated by the ‘Auto Keyword Link’ feature are automatically cloaked now.

If you are a current user of CloakPiG then you can get the benefit of version 2.2 immediately using our new ‘automatic update’ feature.  See this post on how to upgrade within a couple of clicks (for free, of course!).

If you’re not using CloakPiG already, you can find out more here.

So, thank you for your feedback, people and we hope that CloakPiG now provides even more benefits to you and your WordPress websites.

All the best!


New CloakPiG Update Guarantees You Get Paid

We’ve just updated CloakPiG to version 1.1.1 and it now includes our brand new (if controversial) Cookie Preload functionality.

With CloakPiG Cookie Preloading you can now guarantee 100% of YOUR commissions.

You can give visitors your affiliate cookie BEFORE they click on your affiliate links. So even if they alter or bypass your affiliate link you still get paid for the sale!

So Why The Controversy?

Like every new technique, some people will always abuse it and ruin it for others – and this technique is no exception. The practice of ‘cookie stuffing’ involves posting largely irrelevant posts and then cramming the readers browser with as many cookies from as many different merchants as possible in the vague hope that they might purchase something from one of those merchants in the near future. The ‘stuffed’ cookies have to be from mass market sites such as eBay or Amazon for this technique to stand any chance of success. The source pages often have little or no relevance to the cookied sites and they often contain no affiliate links at all.

CloakPiG is Very Different…

If cookie stuffing is the industry scattergun then CloakPiG cookie preloading is your very own sniper rifle.

Once enabled you can only preload cookies from links that actually exist on the page being viewed. These are real links that your readers could actually click on. You have already pre-sold them in the post so you should get paid for the sale.

This also means that your referring page doesn’t need to be hidden in any way (a big problem for cookie stuffers). If anyone investigates to see where your signups are coming from they will see a valid page with your valid click-able links.

CloakPiG cookie preloading is entirely optional and disabled by default so the choice of when and where to use it is yours…

Keyword AutoLinking & Price Rise Soon

CloakPiG’s new keyword autolinking feature is currently being tested in the labs and I have to say it absolutely rocks!

Once enabled across your blog(s) you won’t need to add any links within the content of your posts, everything will be automatically linked based the keywords & merchants you specify within CloakPiG.

With CloakPiG soon offering automatic Link Cloaking, Cookie Preloading AND Auto Linking we believe it is the most complete affiliate linking plugin available and offers outstanding value for money.

In addition BlogPiG members can still take advantage of our 50% members’ discount. You can have it up and running in 5 mins for just $5!

Click Here To Get Started

The standard CloakPiG price moves up to $77 soon so get your lifetime license now and lock in all future upgrades and new features.

Also I’d love your feedback on the new Cookie Preload feature.
Is it mutton dressed a lamb?
Have we overstepped the mark?
Or is it legitimate way for you to compete with big boys?
Let me know in the comments.

All the best.