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CloakPiG 2.2 has been updated – based on YOUR feedback

You might remember we changed our customer support system recently.  We moved to UserVoice as we felt it provided a more immediate way for our customers to provide feedback and feature requests.  Well, sure enough, you guys have given us some great input!

CloakPiG, our auto link cloaker, has been the first PiG to benefit so far and among a couple of bug fixes, based on your feedback we have added the following options and features to the product:

New Features Which Give You More Control

  • Preloading of cookie only for the affiliate networks you specify, allowing you to be selective about which networks you do or don’t pre-load cookies for
    • If this option is selected, CoakPiG will only preload cookies from the domains which are listed in the “Manage Network List”. Click the affiliate network list link to add domains on the list
  • Pre-loading of cookie if mouse-over event occurs, allowing you to be even more targetted with your cookie pre-loading
    • If selected, this feature will preload the cookies of every affiliate link over which the visitor’s mouse hovered, because it’s likely they were either thinking about clicking the link, or viewing the URL to see if they could change the affiliate ID
  • Fully functional wildcard feature for all domain list, so you can target the domains you want, where you want
    • You can now use * as a wildcard character for the domain that you want to specify in “Domain Exemption List”, “Domain Cloaking List”, “Manage Network List”, “Edit Safe List” in CloakPiG
    • Example: *.clickbank.* – this will match http://anything.clickbank.anything
  • Link a keyword up to n time(s) per URL
    • Using this option, you can specify the number of times you want a keyword be linked to the same URL, per page
  • Labelling of manual links, enabling you to manage them more easily
    • You can now label each link using a description field.  As the label is included in the search functionality, retrieval of manual links from the system is easier
    • You can now also filter the results to show only manual links
  • Include or exclude keywords within header tags “<h1>, <h2>…” from autolinking
    • This option allows you to specify if you want the keywords inside the header tags to be autolinked or not

On top of these new features, our guys took care of a few bug fixes too. Among other things, keywords which are auto linked now retain the case of the anchor text i.e. they’ll match the use of upper or lower case letters.  More importantly, links generated by the ‘Auto Keyword Link’ feature are automatically cloaked now.

If you are a current user of CloakPiG then you can get the benefit of version 2.2 immediately using our new ‘automatic update’ feature.  See this post on how to upgrade within a couple of clicks (for free, of course!).

If you’re not using CloakPiG already, you can find out more here.

So, thank you for your feedback, people and we hope that CloakPiG now provides even more benefits to you and your WordPress websites.

All the best!


SpiderPiG Feature, TagPiG Tips, Affiliate News

CloakPiG v2.1.3 released

One of our members, Erika, asked for a new feature to be added to CloakPiG and a week or so later we delivered it.

One of the current features of CloakPiG is its PageRank hoarding functionality. PageRank Hoarder solves one of the key problems with affiliate and datafeed websites – too many outbound links. Every outbound link on your website bleeds a little bit of your PageRank away. PageRank Hoarder prevents this by giving you complete control over exactly how many links you display to search engine spiders. A human visitor would see all 20 of your outbound affiliate links on a page but Googlebot would see only three.

Erika wanted more control over exactly which links were visible to search engine spiders and human visitors, so we developed a the new Spider Safe feature within the PageRank Hoarding functionality of CloakPiG.  By marking your existing or new links as Spider Safe you ensure that they are always shown to both human users and search engine spiders even if PageRank Hoarding is active.

You can download the latest version of CloakPiG
from your member’s page.


A few weeks ago I posted some helpful tips on how to get the best out of TagPiG, our auto tagging plugin.  What I didn’t do was tell anyone I’d posted these tips. Not so helpful. Anyway, I’m telling you now. If you use TagPiG already or plan to in the future, take a look at the blog post.

Change to BlogPiG Affiliate Program

You probably know that BlogPiG products are sold via ClickBank. BlogPiG has been running an open affiliate program via ClickBank since we started, so it’s easy for anyone to sign up and promote our products and make some money.

ClickBank provide a great service to affiliates with accurate and punctual payments. We will continue to offer our affiliate program via ClickBank but the program is becoming a ‘closed’ program, i.e. new affiliates will have to be ‘white listed’ by us before they can promote our products.

Why have we opted for a closed program?  Because our affiliates work really hard for us and they deserve to be paid the commission they have earned.  By operating a closed program, we can ensure that hard working affiliates get credit for the sales they have generated.

The partner page is currently being updated so if you would like to promote BlogPiG products and earn 50% commission, just ping me an email and we’ll get you set up.

Customer Support

Customer support is a key area of the BlogPiG business. We want our customers to be happy with their BlogPiG product or products plus we are a community driven organisation. We aim to develop our products based on customer feedback and input.

I’m pleased to introduce you today to a new member of our team, Benjie, who will be responsible for the smooth running of customer support.

Benjie is a technically minded but supremely friendly and helpful chap, so I know he’ll be a great asset to the team here and to our customers. You can check out his smiley profile pic in Support!

So, that’s all the news I can share with you for now. Forgive the slightly loose use of the name ‘SpiderPiG’ at the start of this post but being the high-brow individual that I am, I took inspiration from Homer.

A Very Special Course

If you know Mike Johnson and  you are already a members of his epic AutoBlog BluePrint training series then you can stop reading right about here…

Everyone else please read on…

I’m not a fan of word the guru, it’s an over used and abused term, especially in this wonderful industry of ours. Instead I’m going to call Mike the Go-To-Guy for everything autoblogging. There is no one else in the public domain who knows more about autoblogging than Mike Johnson.

In a recent conversation with a BlogPiG Member (Hi Glenis!) I described Mike as…“the most stand-up, honest, hard working chap I have met so far in this industry”… and I’ll stand by every word of that.

I have been a member of his Autoblog Blueprint for a long time, it truly is a superb course. In fact is is THE BEST course currently available on autoblogging bar none.

Mike has recently updated Autoblog Blueprint to version 3.0, it has all the latest & greatest information, there is literally no stone unturned in this version.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • It’s built for Google 2011 SEO
  • Include a simple auto installer pre-configured for beginners
  • How to use Social Media for tons of extra traffic
  • Over 40 step by step videos and tutorials (these are superb!)
  • Detailed examples of how to build the best sites
  • Detailed examples of where to place your ads and links
  • Detailed examples on how to use and create content that will work (and beat the duplicate content filters!)

(ABB 3.0  was actually launched yesterday but as with anything I offer BlogPiG Members’ I wanted to give it a thorough review first which is why you’re not hearing about it from me until today.)

Here’s my favorite bit from Mike’s presales:

To Make $100,000 Per Year with the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0, All You Would Have To DO Is:

Divide $100,000 / 12 Months = $8,333 Per Month

If You Had 25 ABB 3.0 Blogs, You Would Need to Make:

$8,333 / 25 Blogs = $333 Per Month, Per Blog

$333 / 30 Days = $11 Per Day

$11 Per Day is Easy to Achieve using the ABB 3.0 System. That is One Affiliate Product Sale per Day Per Blog. One Sale!!

Mike’s ABB course costs $97 one-time, which is a steal, you’ll save 10 times that amount just in the discounts on the premium themes & plugins that Mike has negotiated for you inside.

You also get free upgrades for life so that means you also get ABB 4.0 & ABB 5.0 etc. when they are released.


And finally I’ve never done this before but because I believe in Mike and his AutoBlog Blueprint so much I’m going to give you an even bigger kick-start than ABB can give you alone.

Anyone who buys ABB via my link below can choose any BlogPiG plugin completely free of charge!

NB: You MUST ensure that the BlogPiG cookie is present throughout the purchase process for this offer to be honoured.  On the very bottom of the shopping cart page you should see [ affiliate = blogpig ].   I am very sorry but is this is not the case, we cannot honour the offer.

You can choose either  TagPiG, CSVPiG, CloakPiG or CommentPiG and I’ll give you a completely free LIFETIME license.  Our plugins normally sell for $84 per year so you’re getting Mike’s course for $13!

If you already own all of our plugins you can hold the credit against a future plugin OR convert one of your current yearly subscriptions into a lifetime license, it’s your call.


Here my link to Mike Johnson Autoblog Blueprint 3.0

All the best


Small print: You’ll need to email me your Clickbank receipt number after your purchase ABB so I can find it in my stats to qualify for my bonus offer. If you refund ABB (why would you?!?) your free BlogPiG license stops too.

CloakPiG Price Increase & PageRank Hoarder

I’ve just spent a fun hour testing the amazing new CloakPiG 2.0 features in our labs. (Yes, I must be a geek to enjoy this stuff!) Here’s a sneak preview:

Hoard PageRank

Everyone knows that too many external links on your site lowers your pagerank. People often attempt to use nofollow tags to ‘sculpt’ pagerank and prevent Google following external links. In our experience this no longer works very well and Google has pretty much admitted that it now follows nofollow (go figure!).

The only sure way to preserve 100% of your pagerank is to have NO external links on your pages but that means no clicks, no affiliate offers and no payday right….?

CloakPiG’s new Pagerank Hoarder technology will identify when Googlebot is visiting your site and display your pages with NO external links.

BUT when a human visitor is identified CloakPiG displays all your links as normal (auto cloaked of course) so you get clicks and of course GET PAID!

Keep 100% of your PageRank & Get Paid. Pretty cool huh?!

Auto Keyword Linking

This powerful new feature will automatically link ANY keyword ANYWHERE on your site to a link of your choice.

You can of course add keywords and links manually to the CloakPiG DB if you really want to but who wants to do that? :)

Instead CloakPiG builds your own auto keyword list every time you add a new link anywhere on your site. ANY other occurrence of the same anchor text in all previous and future posts/pages will then be automatically linked to same url.

You can also export & import your auto keyword lists across all your blogs for hundreds of cloaked affiliate links…

Instant Monetisation!

Price Increase

CloakPiG 2.0 IS the most advanced affiliate link cloaker available:

  • Auto Cloak All Links
  • Preload Cookies
  • Auto Keyword Linking
  • Hoard PageRank

And we’re just getting started…

CloakPiG 2.0 will be released next week and the price will be increasing to $77

All owners of CloakPiG 1.1 will get a free upgrade to 2.0.

Click Here To Get Started Now

All the best


BlogPiG Dream Plugin Competition Results

In this video post you can watch me running the draw for the BlogPiG Dream Plugin Competition.

I also dreamed up a new plugin in the process – a Random Comment Selector plugin for comment competitions! Would save me having to enter the ugly PHPMyAdmin UI.

Anyway as you can see in the vid I ran a simple SQL query that combined the comments from the 2 posts and chose 3 random commenters excluding my comments.

The 3 random winners where:

  • Steven Van Schooten – with his ReviewPiG scraper & spinner
  • Liz – with her AnyPluginAutoOptimizer….PiG…
  • Jack – with his AmazonPIG plugin (lawsuite!)

If you three would like contact me directly via support {[A T]} I’ll get you set-up with a Pro license of your choice. Or of course you can hang on to the prize and wait for SocialPiG or future plugins to come out, the choice is yours. Here’s a quick reminder:

  • CommentPiG – Get more comments for your blog posts with our comment simulation plugin
  • TagPiG – Get more pages indexed with our AutoTagging plugin
  • CSVPiG – Build big sites fast with our CSV datafeed import plugin
  • ClickPiG – ClickBank vendors get more backlinks and protect your payment links and hoplinks

A big thank you to everyone for entering and leaving your suggestions, I really enjoyed reading all the comments and I think I responded to everyone personally so check your comments and see if I need some more info about your idea.

I definitely plan to make BlogPiG competitions a regular thing from now on.

CSVPiG Update & Partner Program Launched

We’ve just release CSVPiG 2.3 into the members’ area, go download your copy now. There are some nice new features in this update including:

– WYSIWYG Template Designer
– Parent/child categories
– new date, author, attachment & excerpt fields in the template designer
– Import CSV file from a URL
– Control CSVPiG remotely via cron jobs

Partner Program Launched

We’ve also launched are shiny new partner program in association with ClickBank. You can earn 50% commission on any sales of our products via your links. You can generate your own personal links to any page on the site HERE

Existing non-ClickBank partners should update their links to the new format as soon as possible.

New Help Desk is Live

After a few problems recently we’ve finished the move to our new helpdesk, it’s much simpler to use and you can even chat with other BlogPiG member’s, we’ll be publishing more FAQs over the coming weeks. Helpdesk is HERE

ClickPiG Slips Out

Finally we quietly launched and brand new product this week too, it’s called ClickPiG and it’s a hoplink manager for ClickBank vendors, you can:

– Cloak your payment links
– Cloak your affiliates’ hoplinks
– Let your affiliates send clicks to any page on your site
– Get full credit for all the backlinks your affiliates create

There is short (3 minute) video that explains everything about ClickPiG HERE

We’re using ClickPiG ourselves on the BlogPiG partner page so you can see it in action and try it out live.

CommentPiG update next week.

All the best.

Gary, Fiona & Alex
Your BlogPiG Team

Easy WordPress CSV Imports with CSVPiG 2.2

csvpig-10Morning everyone!

Great news, we’ve just uploaded CSVPiG 2.2 to the BlogPiG members’ area! You should download it straight away and get it activated on your blogs.

Here’s the download link

We’ve also updated the User Guide which is available inside your members’ area.

Some of the new features will only be available if you have a CSVPiG Pro license – you can always upgrade inside the BlogPiG members’ area.

So what’s New in CSVPiG 2.2?

1. Well, along with all the usual tweaks and fixes we’ve added a great new feature that allows you to update existing posts with a new CSV import. You get to choose which unique field CSVPiG uses to match existing posts. We recommend using the post slug but you can use any unique field that you’ve included as a custom field, for example, ID number. To illustrate the benefit: this means that you could upload a thousand products from a golf merchant datafeed and then if in the future that merchant decides to drop their prices by 10% all you would have to do is upload the new datafeed and CVSPiG automatically alters ONLY the pricing information on all your published & scheduled posts. This feature was requested by CSVPiG Pro user Tod.

2. The Post Template Designer’s ‘drag & drop’ functionality now works in ALL browsers – previously only Firefox users had access to this slick system.

3. You can now import CSV files without column headers – your tokens in the Post Template Designer will simply be numbers rather than actual header text.

4. In addition you can also specify any field separator you want before uploading your CSV files. Are Clickbank datafeeds using pipe delimiters rather than commas? Not a problem, just enter the delimiter and CSVPiG takes care of the rest.

If you have feedback about any of the new features you can leave a comment below.

What’s next?

Development is really picking up pace here at BlogPiG and we have new releases of TagPiG & CommentPiG ready to go. Please don’t forget we’re a Community Driven Development company – you ask and we build (as long as we agree it’s a good idea of course!). The best place to discuss new ideas is in the support forums, so head on over and tell us want you want to see next.

What is CSVPiG?

CSVPiG is an affiliate datafeed import plugin for WordPress. You can read all about CSVPiG and download a free copy HERE. Don’t forget you’ll need your BlogPiG API key from the members’ area.