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BlogPiG Products Update Automatically!

Good news!

BlogPiG plugins now update automatically!

The auto-update feature of BlogPiG plugins was introduced just recently so that the process of updating to the latest versions of our products is much easier for you!

Plugins that now have the this feature are:

  • CloakPiG 2.2
  • CommentPiG 2.1.5
  • CSVPiG 2.4.12
  • TagPiG 2.2.7

How This Affects You

We’re updating our products all the time based on your feedback so take a moment to read the information below on how you can upgrade your product versions in a couple of clicks:

Update notifications will be visible in the admin sidebar (Updates, Plugins) as well as in the Plugins list table.

Users can then view info about the latest version and can perform the update from within WP-admin.

The update is performed by WP via FTP. The user is then required to enter her/his credentials (for her/his FTP server).

Users should note that that when entering information into the “Hostname” field (on the FTP credentials page), they should enter “localhost” (not the domain name).

Below are some screen grabs to illustrate the update notifications:

Update Notification in Plugins List Table

Update Notifications in Sidebar and Updates Page



Status Box in BlogPiG Plugin with Auto-update Feature

Plugin Info Modal Window


FTP Credentials Page

CSVPiG Update

CSVPiG - WordPress CSV Import

We’ve just released CSVPiG 2.4.11.
The key changes are listed below:

  • Added support for WP auto-update mechanism
  • Fixed publish stalling issues

From now on, you can update CSVPiG directly from WordPress. Updates are supplied by our servers.

Your BlogPiG Team

Royal Wedding Bandwagon

So you might know that BlogPiG is a UK based company.  Today, 29th April, Prince William, the future heir to the British throne married the lovely Catherine Middleton.

Spiffing! Splendid! Hurrah!

Now, I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but here in Blighty we’ve gone Royal Wedding crazy.

Flags are waving, cardboard cut-outs of Wills and Kate adorn seats in cafes and stools in bars (I know, I’ve seen the photos on Facebook), street parties abound and the UK has even been given the day off work!

William and Kate do seem an ideal couple.  Kate brings to William the warmth and stability of a normal family background, home cooked meals and trips to the supermarket.

William brings to Kate the ultimate little girl’s dream-come-true of growing up to be a princess!  They are a perfect match.

WARNING: You are about to be exposed to the gratuitous shoe-horning of a marketing message into a topical item of world interest.

And here it is: Just as William and Kate are an ideal match, so many of the BlogPiG products are ideal partners.

Take the industrious CommentPiG. This busy plugin benefits no end from the guiding hand of TagPiG as its partner.  Like any good husband should, CommentPiG will take orders from TagPiG and do a much better job of its task as a result.

Likewise, CSVPiG, with its awesome store building strength, needs a good partner to look out for its best interests. CloakPiG will protect the commissions due from all those product listings on the online store, and will make sure CSVPiG’s hard work is not wasted.

So, if you have one of our products and think it would benefit from a partner (or more than one partner, as far as I know PiGs are not monogamous creatures), then consider our rippingly royal herd of prospective companions:
Simply click on the links below to find out more about each product:

  • TagPiG – Tag your blog posts instantly
  • CloakPiG – Cloak your affiliate links and increase your revenue
  • CSVPiG – Build online stores from datafeeds in minutes

Don’t forget that you can trial the products for just $7 for 7 days and if you go on to buy a full license, it comes with our 60 day money back guarantee.

Now, I’m off to put in my order for 10 of those delightful commemorative tapestry cushions – one’s parlour can’t be too regal, you know.

Royally warm regards,

Video Demo: How to Build an Online Store With Data Feeds

So, you might remember that earlier in the month we invited you to watch a webinar and live demo of Gary building an online store using a data feed and CSVPiG.  The webinar was hosted by the US online retailer, Football Fanatics, who have a product catalog of over 165,000 items available via data feed.

Football Fanatics have two brilliant affiliate managers who are providing their affiliates with more support and training than I’ve seen from a merchant in a while – hence the series of educational webinars they are hosting and their invitation to us.  The webinar went well and you can watch the archived version here:

***Please note that the offer included in this video expired at midnight 24th March 2011!***

As well as seeing two stores being built realtime, if you watch the video you’ll also get to hear some questions which you might want to know the answers to, like:

  1. Will Google consider the product descriptions you publish to be duplicate content?
  2. Can you modify the content?
  3. Can you upload multiple datafeeds into one blog?
  4. How much server space do you need to host these data feed stores?
  5. What’s the best way to manage a huge product catalog?
  6. Can you put different feeds into different categories?
  7. Does CSVPiG play nicely with other plugins?
  8. Does CSVPiG work with other sources of content?
  9. How many templates does CSV come with?
  10. Is it possible to add other fields?

This webinar can give you a great insight into building online stores from data feeds, and also how CSVPiG works.

At the end of the video you will see that we ran a special offer on CSVPiG. The offer was crazy (someone even called it ‘ridiculous’) but we ran it for two weeks.  The offer expried on 24th March so I am sorry if you missed out but there can be no exceptions.  CSVPiG is a well priced, good-value product at $77, really!

Later this week I’ll be publishing another post about data feed marketing.  A seasoned data feed marketer will be revealing some very good tips on how to get your sites approved by merchants and affiliate networks first time around (Glenis, this one is for you!).

Let me know if this demo has been useful and if we can do more of them for you.


P.S. You can find out more about Football Fanatics and their affiliate program here.

Five Tips to Avoid the Content Farm Scythe

Something our members have asked us to comment on recently is Google’s latest update and how BlogPiG products stand in light of it.  Given here at BlogPiG we produce ‘PiGs’, it does seem quite apt that I should be writing about a Google update labelled as the ‘Farmer’ in any case.

We all know by now that Google’s Farmer update was a large-scale cull – everybody’s been talking about it and blogging about it.  Some big names have taken a hit, not to mention the swathes of smaller players who are just trying to make a buck.

So how can you help protect your sites from Google’s scythe?  Well, we have some proven theories and tools to put to you but first look at the context:

Who is Google aiming its scythe at?

Google is clearing out content which it deems to be of low grade.  Google wants to serve the best content it can to its users so it can keep hold of its share of the search market (erm, that’d be total domination, then?).

What defines low grade content?

Content which is shallow or duplicate or, critically, which looks software-generated rather than human-generated.  This is because Google thinks auto-generated content is not as useful to its users as hand-crafted, human-generated, unique content.

How does this affect you?

If you’re a BlogPiG customer, chances are you run multiple blogs, or one or two very large and critical blogs.  Some of our customers have hundreds and hundreds running at any one time.  Let’s be honest:  it’s an impossible to task to have totally human generated content on that many blogs.

So if you use content that hasn’t been bespoke-written for your site by a human, how do you not look like a content farm?

Actually, the question to ask is: how to I make my blogs or websites look human generated and human managed?

The key is to go and take a look at the sites that are still ranking high in the search engines. We’ve been doing this for years and we’ve noticed five major trends.


Comments are like votes.  Blogs only attract real comments if their posts are of value to the readers and in most cases this means they are not automated. Google knows that comments are difficult to get so a post with lots of comments is a trust indicator.  In general Content Farms do not have comments. We’ve always considered this to be a big footprint which is why we developed CommentPiG. CommentPiG gradually adds on-topic comments automatically to your posts removing the very obvious “no comments” footprint.

Read more about CommentPiG’s comment simulation here.


Most people who hand craft their blog posts will also spend a bit of time adding appropriate tags to it before publishing them. Tagging is very beneficial but also very manual process which is why it is another trust indicator.  In general we’ve noticed that Content Farms do not tag their posts like real bloggers do. Again we consider this to be an unnecessary footprint so we developed TagPiG to totally automate the tagging process and wipe out another obvious footprint.

Read more about TagPiG’s auto tagging here.

Site Growth

Most real blogs grow gradually over time, maybe a few posts per week on average. This is often termed ‘organic growth.’  For years now it has been possible to simulate a site that grows automatically over time – every autoblogging tool worth its salt has auto growth built-in including our own CSVPiG.  In fact, you don’t even need a plugin as WordPress’ own Schedule Post feature gives you the ability to completely automate organic growth. Content Farms often publish new posts & pages over time. Given the ease of automation we no longer consider organic site growth a reliable trust indicator.

Page Freshness

This is a very different concept to site growth. Real blog pages tend to grow and change over time as more and more comments are added. This keeps the pages fresh.  If each time Google visits a page on your site it appears exactly the same as the day you published it then Google is eventually going to stop coming back. Studies have shown that Google tends to visit static pages once every 25 days whereas it will visit daily for regularly updated pages. Content Farms tend to publish static pages that receive no comments and so become stale very quickly. This is another reason we developed CommentPiG to add fresh new comments to your pages on a regular basis just like a real blog.

You can read more about CommentPiG’s page freshness feature here.

Social Voting

As well as being commented on, real blogs are also talked about elsewhere. People will tend to bookmark, Like, retweet, vote, crosspost, trackback, pingback.  Call it what you want it’s all effectively the same thing – a social vote of confidence in the site and its content.  People will not bookmark, vote or retweet Content Farm posts & pages.  Simulating social voting naturally is very, very complicated and costly so it is a very accurate trust indicator. We’re currently developing SocialPiG our very own social backlinker so we know exactly how hard it can be to achieve this.

You can register for more information on the SocialPiG launch here.

So, you see that BlogPiG’s product development path has always been, and continues to be, about automating the tasks which a human would perform in as accurate and efficient a way as possible.  Our plugins create the clues or ‘trust indicators’ which Google is seeking when deciding whether content is of good quality.

  • What methods do you employ to present Google with the content it demands?
  • Are these methods automated or manual?
  • Have you seen drastic changes in your rankings since the end of February?
  • Have you changed tactics in recent weeks?

As ever, we love to hear from you, so let us have your thoughts.

Help Me Help You

Hello lovely members, I hope your week is getting off to a good start.

Here at BlogPiG we’re busy updating CloakPiG and we’re also working on SocialPiG and some revisions to CSVPiG.  You know we love making software but this year we’d also like to offer you some more helpful content.

I know that some of you have found Gary’s knowledge-sharing posts useful, e.g how to build a Facebook business page or how to optimise your computer desktop, and we’d like to provide you with more information which can help you run your sites, your business, your PC or even your life a little more efficiently.

But, before we publish content we ‘think’ you might want to hear about, how about you tell me what you’d like to hear about?

I know some of you have asked for more more information about datafeed marketing (building online stores from affiliate data feeds) and we’re working on that but is there anything else you’d like us to shed some light on or get a discussion going about?

Do you have any burning questions about blogging or Autoblogging?

Is there something you’ve always wanted to ask about WordPress?

Want some hints and tips on anything? Reviews of anything?

We’re always going to spend most of our time working on the software but if we can help you make even more of our products by furnishing you with other information, then let us work on that too for you.

So, do tell me how we can help and enlighten and I’ll extract what gems of knowledge and experience I can from the team here and the other people and resources we have access to – all without the aid of scary looking headgear, I might add.

Look forward to seeing your input!


A Very Special Course

If you know Mike Johnson and  you are already a members of his epic AutoBlog BluePrint training series then you can stop reading right about here…

Everyone else please read on…

I’m not a fan of word the guru, it’s an over used and abused term, especially in this wonderful industry of ours. Instead I’m going to call Mike the Go-To-Guy for everything autoblogging. There is no one else in the public domain who knows more about autoblogging than Mike Johnson.

In a recent conversation with a BlogPiG Member (Hi Glenis!) I described Mike as…“the most stand-up, honest, hard working chap I have met so far in this industry”… and I’ll stand by every word of that.

I have been a member of his Autoblog Blueprint for a long time, it truly is a superb course. In fact is is THE BEST course currently available on autoblogging bar none.

Mike has recently updated Autoblog Blueprint to version 3.0, it has all the latest & greatest information, there is literally no stone unturned in this version.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • It’s built for Google 2011 SEO
  • Include a simple auto installer pre-configured for beginners
  • How to use Social Media for tons of extra traffic
  • Over 40 step by step videos and tutorials (these are superb!)
  • Detailed examples of how to build the best sites
  • Detailed examples of where to place your ads and links
  • Detailed examples on how to use and create content that will work (and beat the duplicate content filters!)

(ABB 3.0  was actually launched yesterday but as with anything I offer BlogPiG Members’ I wanted to give it a thorough review first which is why you’re not hearing about it from me until today.)

Here’s my favorite bit from Mike’s presales:

To Make $100,000 Per Year with the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0, All You Would Have To DO Is:

Divide $100,000 / 12 Months = $8,333 Per Month

If You Had 25 ABB 3.0 Blogs, You Would Need to Make:

$8,333 / 25 Blogs = $333 Per Month, Per Blog

$333 / 30 Days = $11 Per Day

$11 Per Day is Easy to Achieve using the ABB 3.0 System. That is One Affiliate Product Sale per Day Per Blog. One Sale!!

Mike’s ABB course costs $97 one-time, which is a steal, you’ll save 10 times that amount just in the discounts on the premium themes & plugins that Mike has negotiated for you inside.

You also get free upgrades for life so that means you also get ABB 4.0 & ABB 5.0 etc. when they are released.


And finally I’ve never done this before but because I believe in Mike and his AutoBlog Blueprint so much I’m going to give you an even bigger kick-start than ABB can give you alone.

Anyone who buys ABB via my link below can choose any BlogPiG plugin completely free of charge!

NB: You MUST ensure that the BlogPiG cookie is present throughout the purchase process for this offer to be honoured.  On the very bottom of the shopping cart page you should see [ affiliate = blogpig ].   I am very sorry but is this is not the case, we cannot honour the offer.

You can choose either  TagPiG, CSVPiG, CloakPiG or CommentPiG and I’ll give you a completely free LIFETIME license.  Our plugins normally sell for $84 per year so you’re getting Mike’s course for $13!

If you already own all of our plugins you can hold the credit against a future plugin OR convert one of your current yearly subscriptions into a lifetime license, it’s your call.


Here my link to Mike Johnson Autoblog Blueprint 3.0

All the best


Small print: You’ll need to email me your Clickbank receipt number after your purchase ABB so I can find it in my stats to qualify for my bonus offer. If you refund ABB (why would you?!?) your free BlogPiG license stops too.

Get New Sites Indexed in 2 Hours

Firstly an apology. We had a server burp on Sunday night and the kind folks at our hosting company had to disable the license checker script to keep the website up. We didn’t find out for a few hours so some of you woke up to ‘invalid license’ warnings in your plugins. This is all now fixed but the plugins only check the license automatically once every 24 hours so if you don’t want to wait you’ll just need to force a recheck by hitting the save button next to your key in the plugin UI. Sorry about that we’ve rolling out a fail-over license checker shortly.

On Friday I mentioned a fantastic new book I recently read – The Ultimate Link Building Dossier by Duncan Carver.

Amongst the many fabulous backlinking tips in this 200 page tome was this little gem:

“More often than not, simply installing Google Analytics on your website will ensure Google pays a visit within a matter of hours…”

I didn’t mention this on Friday as I hadn’t tried it out yet.

Now I have and it works!

1. Registered a brand new domain with NameCheap

2. Installed WP with some sample posts from CSVPiG

3. Added Google Analytics to my theme

4. Googlebot arrived 3 hours later

(Unfortunately I didn’t run a control domain without analytics on in tandem so I can’t swear it was analytics that brought Google by so quickly but I’m very, very confident that was it.)

Anyway, I thought I’d share that one with you, let me know in the comments if you have any questions or any other similar ideas.

You can read about this and get 200 more pages of Total Backlinking Mastery in Duncan’s new book here.

Or read my original book review here.

I stand by this quote from Friday’s review “It really is very, very good stuff. If there is only one product you’re going to buy this year then please make it this one.”

Talk soon.


ps. If you’ve picked it up already it’s awesome right? Let’s swap some notes in the comments section.

BlogPiG Dream Plugin Competition Results

In this video post you can watch me running the draw for the BlogPiG Dream Plugin Competition.

I also dreamed up a new plugin in the process – a Random Comment Selector plugin for comment competitions! Would save me having to enter the ugly PHPMyAdmin UI.

Anyway as you can see in the vid I ran a simple SQL query that combined the comments from the 2 posts and chose 3 random commenters excluding my comments.

The 3 random winners where:

  • Steven Van Schooten – with his ReviewPiG scraper & spinner
  • Liz – with her AnyPluginAutoOptimizer….PiG…
  • Jack – with his AmazonPIG plugin (lawsuite!)

If you three would like contact me directly via support {[A T]} I’ll get you set-up with a Pro license of your choice. Or of course you can hang on to the prize and wait for SocialPiG or future plugins to come out, the choice is yours. Here’s a quick reminder:

  • CommentPiG – Get more comments for your blog posts with our comment simulation plugin
  • TagPiG – Get more pages indexed with our AutoTagging plugin
  • CSVPiG – Build big sites fast with our CSV datafeed import plugin
  • ClickPiG – ClickBank vendors get more backlinks and protect your payment links and hoplinks

A big thank you to everyone for entering and leaving your suggestions, I really enjoyed reading all the comments and I think I responded to everyone personally so check your comments and see if I need some more info about your idea.

I definitely plan to make BlogPiG competitions a regular thing from now on.

Computers Should Work Harder Than You

Minimalism is something I am becoming slightly obsessed with. It started in my personal life but is also now extending itself into my business –

You’ll see from the latest site design and no fuss sales pages that we’re trying to keep things simple.

I always try to keep my business processes simple too, with as few steps as possible. Constant improvement is also required, revisiting the processes each time to see if they can be reduced further.

The idea is to have systems & software doing as much of the work as possible and NOT YOU. This is the essence of a Passive Income business.

Here’s an example.

Our product release process ends with these 4 final steps:

  • Create blog post
  • Create email broadcast
  • Publish post
  • Tweet post
  • Send broadcast

The create blog post/broadcast should also be 2 separate steps so it’s really 5 actions.

My internal warning sign is a feeling of repetitiveness and perhaps even boredom. Whenever I get this feeling I re-examine the process steps and the systems I am using to see if things could be simpler.

This is exactly what happened whilst I complete these steps for the latest CSVPiG update. I re-examined the process and the features available from our systems and replaced the steps above with this:

  • Create blog post

So 5 steps down to 1 step AND I still get all of the actions I require from the previous 5 step process. Pretty cool huh? Well if you’re a minimalism geek like me it’s pretty cool :)

This was achieved because our mailing provider, Mailchimp, allows you to setup RSS Driven campaigns that monitor your blog’s RSS feed for new posts and then send out an email containing the post. You control the format.

I had to tweak a few things to get it working exactly how I wanted it, full-text in RSS feed etc. But once it was done I had completely automated campaign setup in mailchimp.

In theory (and this is the first test) I should now be able to just create a post on my blog and it will automatically be sent as a new email to all my customers. It works on a daily schedule and if nothing new is posted nothing is sent.

Mailchimp also have a feature where they will send a tweet to your twitter account whenever a mail is sent. I’ve setup a plugin that tweets whenever a publish a new post on the blog so that’s the other step covered.

I have another list with Amember and have confirmed they offer exactly the same RSS driven campaign functionality too but they call it blog broadcast. I’m sure most companies do.

As an added bonus, the content that was previously sent out in emails is now also available in an archive on the blog so that it can be indexed by the search engines and bring in more traffic.

5 actions into 1 action equals less time but more functionality – that’s my kind of minimalism…

If you thought this was useful and would like to hear about how computers work harder than us please leave a comment or retweet on the blog.