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CloakPiG 2.2 has been updated – based on YOUR feedback

You might remember we changed our customer support system recently.  We moved to UserVoice as we felt it provided a more immediate way for our customers to provide feedback and feature requests.  Well, sure enough, you guys have given us some great input!

CloakPiG, our auto link cloaker, has been the first PiG to benefit so far and among a couple of bug fixes, based on your feedback we have added the following options and features to the product:

New Features Which Give You More Control

  • Preloading of cookie only for the affiliate networks you specify, allowing you to be selective about which networks you do or don’t pre-load cookies for
    • If this option is selected, CoakPiG will only preload cookies from the domains which are listed in the “Manage Network List”. Click the affiliate network list link to add domains on the list
  • Pre-loading of cookie if mouse-over event occurs, allowing you to be even more targetted with your cookie pre-loading
    • If selected, this feature will preload the cookies of every affiliate link over which the visitor’s mouse hovered, because it’s likely they were either thinking about clicking the link, or viewing the URL to see if they could change the affiliate ID
  • Fully functional wildcard feature for all domain list, so you can target the domains you want, where you want
    • You can now use * as a wildcard character for the domain that you want to specify in “Domain Exemption List”, “Domain Cloaking List”, “Manage Network List”, “Edit Safe List” in CloakPiG
    • Example: *.clickbank.* – this will match http://anything.clickbank.anything
  • Link a keyword up to n time(s) per URL
    • Using this option, you can specify the number of times you want a keyword be linked to the same URL, per page
  • Labelling of manual links, enabling you to manage them more easily
    • You can now label each link using a description field.  As the label is included in the search functionality, retrieval of manual links from the system is easier
    • You can now also filter the results to show only manual links
  • Include or exclude keywords within header tags “<h1>, <h2>…” from autolinking
    • This option allows you to specify if you want the keywords inside the header tags to be autolinked or not

On top of these new features, our guys took care of a few bug fixes too. Among other things, keywords which are auto linked now retain the case of the anchor text i.e. they’ll match the use of upper or lower case letters.  More importantly, links generated by the ‘Auto Keyword Link’ feature are automatically cloaked now.

If you are a current user of CloakPiG then you can get the benefit of version 2.2 immediately using our new ‘automatic update’ feature.  See this post on how to upgrade within a couple of clicks (for free, of course!).

If you’re not using CloakPiG already, you can find out more here.

So, thank you for your feedback, people and we hope that CloakPiG now provides even more benefits to you and your WordPress websites.

All the best!


The Ultimate SEO Hosting Company?

True Worldwide SEO Hosting

True Worldwide SEO Hosting

If you interlink sites in your own networks you should already know about IP addresses and the importance of different IP classes. But just in case here’s a quick rundown.

In our example let’s say we have two sites and we want a backlink from site B to site A (don’t reciprical link your sites!). There are a few ways to do this :

Scenario 1 – Site A & B are both hosted on the same shared hosting account and both share the IP address A backlink between these sites would at best be relatively useless as they both have the same IP address and the search engines can detect this immediately. At worst linking in this way may well lower your rankings.

Scenario 2 – Okay, so we’ve found a great host that will give us a unique IP address per site. We get for site A & for site B. The problem here is that, even though they are unique, both IP addresses are from the same Class C pool. Notice how the first 3 sets of digits are identical for each site. Again this a less than ideal linking scenario, little credit will be gained.

Scenario 3 – So now perhaps we’ve found a company offering ‘real’ SEO hosting and giving you several IP addresses from ‘different Class C pools’. for site A & for site B. Straight away we can see the problem – even though our IP addresses are in different C class pools they are are only 1 class apart, 34 & 35.

This is becuase most hosting companies are allocated their IP addresses in sequential pools. It makes perfect sense to do it that way from an IP management persepective but it’s not good for our interlinked site networks. Linking between sequential IPs isn’t the worst thing we can do for your sites but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for a whole network of sites. We’re not going to stay undcover for very long that’s for sure …

Scenerio 4 – So here’s the dream ticket, imagine a host that offered:

  • Unique IP addresses
  • 10 different datacentres spread around the globe for you to mix & match your network sites into (US, EUROPE, ASIA)
  • Different Class A’s & B’s nevermind just class C’s
  • All datacentres registered with different whois records
  • Unlimited domains on your account
  • Unlimited sharing on each IP for network layering
  • Awesome support
  • All for just $19.95/month!

Sounds too good to be true right?

Wrong, I’m getting all this and more with the latest hosting company I’ve added to the BlogPiG network.

Here is the link for Worldwide SEO Hosting – [hidepost]Click Here[/hidepost]

And don’t forget to use the coupon [hidepost]ESCAPE[/hidepost] to get a 25% discount of your first hosting order….

ps. I also have another host with whom I’ve so far I’ve managed to aquire 94 unique class C IP addresses including lots of unique A & B pools. Stay tuned for more on this one soon…