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CloakPiG 2.2 has been updated – based on YOUR feedback

You might remember we changed our customer support system recently.  We moved to UserVoice as we felt it provided a more immediate way for our customers to provide feedback and feature requests.  Well, sure enough, you guys have given us some great input!

CloakPiG, our auto link cloaker, has been the first PiG to benefit so far and among a couple of bug fixes, based on your feedback we have added the following options and features to the product:

New Features Which Give You More Control

  • Preloading of cookie only for the affiliate networks you specify, allowing you to be selective about which networks you do or don’t pre-load cookies for
    • If this option is selected, CoakPiG will only preload cookies from the domains which are listed in the “Manage Network List”. Click the affiliate network list link to add domains on the list
  • Pre-loading of cookie if mouse-over event occurs, allowing you to be even more targetted with your cookie pre-loading
    • If selected, this feature will preload the cookies of every affiliate link over which the visitor’s mouse hovered, because it’s likely they were either thinking about clicking the link, or viewing the URL to see if they could change the affiliate ID
  • Fully functional wildcard feature for all domain list, so you can target the domains you want, where you want
    • You can now use * as a wildcard character for the domain that you want to specify in “Domain Exemption List”, “Domain Cloaking List”, “Manage Network List”, “Edit Safe List” in CloakPiG
    • Example: *.clickbank.* – this will match http://anything.clickbank.anything
  • Link a keyword up to n time(s) per URL
    • Using this option, you can specify the number of times you want a keyword be linked to the same URL, per page
  • Labelling of manual links, enabling you to manage them more easily
    • You can now label each link using a description field.  As the label is included in the search functionality, retrieval of manual links from the system is easier
    • You can now also filter the results to show only manual links
  • Include or exclude keywords within header tags “<h1>, <h2>…” from autolinking
    • This option allows you to specify if you want the keywords inside the header tags to be autolinked or not

On top of these new features, our guys took care of a few bug fixes too. Among other things, keywords which are auto linked now retain the case of the anchor text i.e. they’ll match the use of upper or lower case letters.  More importantly, links generated by the ‘Auto Keyword Link’ feature are automatically cloaked now.

If you are a current user of CloakPiG then you can get the benefit of version 2.2 immediately using our new ‘automatic update’ feature.  See this post on how to upgrade within a couple of clicks (for free, of course!).

If you’re not using CloakPiG already, you can find out more here.

So, thank you for your feedback, people and we hope that CloakPiG now provides even more benefits to you and your WordPress websites.

All the best!


Know the current methods to earn another $300 to $3,000 a month?

Do you think you have affiliate marketing all worked out?

I’ll admit, I honestly thought I was pretty clued up on how to squeeze the most income out of being an affiliate.  But I haven’t revisited my thinking on it for a while now, haven’t tried anything much new.

But it turns out I know someone who is totally clued up and is using the most up-to-date methods.  That person is Andrew Hansen and he and his partner Josh Stanton have put all of their knowledge and latest techniques into a series of over 50 training videos in a product called ‘Unstoppable Affiliate.’

Even people on Warrior Forum (in the product reviews section) are saying how up to date the techniques and tools are in the videos. It really is a current product.

The aim of Unstoppable Affiliate is to enable you to set up websites which genuinely have a chance of earning you $300 to $3,000 a month.  No, I didn’t miss off any zeros there or any ‘random’ numbers. Those are the realistic amounts Andrew and his partner Josh say websites built with their formula can earn you.  I trust Andrew, I believe those numbers.

The Unstoppable Affiliate video tutorial course costs $67 and here’s what that gets you:

Over 50 videos and their transcripts, covering:

  • Research
  • Site Strategies
  • Conversion Strategies
  • Traffic Mastery
  • Outsourcing & Scaling up
  • Resource List

The videos average 10 minutes a piece, so that is a lot of content and, as I said, there are PDFs of the transcripts available too.

I know Andrew, and I know his work, but over the last couple of days I have seen even more evidence of what a genuine person he is and I have read testimonials about his products and how he deals with customers. I feel even more confident recommending this course.

Now, if you leap on the video course, there is an up-sell in the purchase process – in fact, there are two . So you’re aware, here are what they are:

An 8 Week Unstoppable Affiliate Coaching Mastermind

Have you ever considered the value of a mentor?  I have to say, Andrew has a point here – the majority of the successful online marketers have had, or still have, mentors. Even when I worked corporate side, the company had an internal mentor scheme – it was a key way to learn and to boost your career – just by signing up for a mentor you were marked as someone who was going to get ahead.

So, the coaching mastermind is a mentoring scheme for those who want more intense guidance with getting ahead with affiliate marketing.  The program offers:

  • Weekly live webinar masterminds – live Q&As, reviews of websites etc.
  • Personal email access to Andrew, Josh and other experts
  • Advanced training videos
  • PDF ction checklists
  • Expert interviews
  • Special “fast income generator” modules
  • Private member forum and more

The mentoring scheme runs from 3rd August to 29th September, roughly.

Coaching Mastermind – Materials only

On holiday during this time?  Well, then you can buy the mastermind materials instead for $197.  But, I would not underestimate the value of that 1-2-1, live interaction on the webinars and over email.

I’m telling you about the up-sells, firstly, because I like transparency.  Secondly, I think these are good options in themselves. $62 a week for direct access to Andrew and Josh?  And the other people they’re plugged into?  Seems like exceptional value to me.

So, if you are looking to leverage affiliate marketing to make more money from your websites then jump at these videos and if you know you will make use of it, grab the coaching too.

You can find out more about the course and sign up here: Unstoppable Affiliate

As always, I am interested to hear your thoughts, especially if you sign up and watch the videos.

All the best,


P.S. In my last email I said I would get this course and the coaching for my little brother if he wanted to get going with affiliate marketing. I stand by that statement with even more conviction today.

Are you an Unstoppable Affiliate?

A while back in one of my rants, I declared that people in the IM industry who want things to change for the better should act in two ways:

  • Produce quality products and promote them truthfully and honestly
  • Shine their torch on other people in the industry who are doing good things

Today I am going to shine my torch on Andrew Hansen. His name ring any bells? The last time I mentioned Andrew was back in November 2010. Gary and I met him at an event and found that we were very much kindred spirits – upset by where the industry was heading; wanting to produce genuine products.

We met up with Andrew again a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned he was producing a new course to launch in the middle of July. He didn’t say much more than that (he’s actually quite a quiet chap), except that the course’s aim was to help people actually, truly make a realistic amount of money online – no BS figures, just a way to make income as an affiliate.

From what Andrew’s partner said, it sounded like an awful lot of work and preparation had gone into the course (not the launch, the actual course and its contents). Months of preparation and hours upon hours of recording and re-recording the content, trying to ensure no stone was left unturned.

Last week I got to preview the course. It’s called ‘Unstoppable Affiliate’ and is an in depth insight into how to crack affiliate marketing. Basically, a blue-print for making money out of the websites you love to build.

Now, I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for years – I was an affiliate for a time, then I was responsible for a huge affiliate program for a corporate. I was more than a little humbled last week to find myself learning new tactics for being a successful affiliate.

Unstoppable Affiliate completely challenged some of my views, too. For example, as an affiliate don’t just start by choosing a keyword with high search volumes, start by choosing a product or offer you know you can actually get paid good commission for (and where to go to find those offers and payouts in one place).

Before I go any further let me give you the hard facts about this course:

  • It’s a video tutorial course, with transcripts available
  • There are over 50 videos averaging, I would say, 10 minutes a piece – so long enough to be useful, concise enough to digest
  • The modules covered are:
    • Research: Find your profit center – some methods which were new to me!
    • Site Strategies: Create the perfect mini site based around the offer and keyword market you’ve just found
    • Conversion Strategy: Convert visitors into buyers AND simultaneously please the search engines
    • Traffic Mastery: Get the right kind of visitors to the right pages on your mini; extremely current search engine strategies
  • The delivery style is friendly and informal. It’s kind of like Andrew is sitting next to you and navigating you through his world
  • It costs $67 one time

Now, when I found out the price (I had thought it was $67 a month, not one time) I was a bit shocked.  For $67 it totally over-delivers and I wondered if Andrew was off his rocker a little bit to be selling that much content for that price.  I actually thought it would cause a problem, because I always say if something sounds too good to be true, it is, so it could make people sceptical about the quality of the course.

But Andrew explained, and here’s the deal: Andrew and his business partner Josh Stanton are hoping that some of the people who take up the video course will also sign up to an eight week coaching program which costs $497.  In the coaching program they will hand-hold and get people up and running through intensive input and hopefully have them earning more in super-fast time. So, longer-term Andrew hopes to make back his investment in producing the video course.

So that presents an opportunity in two ways to anyone interested in learning a whole new chunk of actionable information on affiliate marketing:

  • Simply grab a bargain and get over 50 training videos for a mere $67. You can’t fail to learn something new from these videos, even if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years.  Buy the videos, set aside a day or some evenings, sit down and watch them with a notepad at your side – action even just one thing you learn and you’ll be further forward
  • If being mentored is a route you’re interested in and will honestly make full use of (and you can afford to invest the $497 without risking your rent or mortgage payment) then take up that option.  $62 a week for coaching?  Seems like good value to me. Otherwise?  Just ignore it and enjoy the videos

I can vouch for Andrew.  He’s a straight-up, genuine guy and he cares about what he does and how he does it.

If my little brother came to me and said he wanted to get into affiliate marketing, I’d get him this course (and the coaching to boot), that is how useful and genuine I think it is.

You can find out more about the course and sign up here: Unstoppable Affiliate

As always, I am interested to hear your thoughts, especially if you sign up and watch the videos.

All the best!


P.S. Don’t forget that even a seasoned affiliate marketer can learn something from this course!


Simply grab a bargain and get over 50 training videos for a mere $67. You can’t fail to learn something new from these videos, even if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years.

Simply grab a bargain and get over 50 training videos for a mere $67. You can’t fail to learn something new from these videos, even if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years.  Buy the videos, set aside a day or some evenings, sit down and watch them with a notepad at your side – action even just one thing you learn and you’ll be further forward.

If coaching is a route you’re interested in and will honestly make full use of (and you can afford to invest the $497 without risking paying your rent or mortgage) then take up that option. $62 a week for coaching?  Seems like good value to me too.

Buy the videos, set aside a day or some evenings, sit down and watch them with a notepad at your side – action even just one thing you learn and you’ll be further forward.

If coaching is a route you’re interested in and will honestly make full use of (and you can afford to invest the $497 without risking paying your rent or mortgage) then take up that option. $62 a week for coaching?Seems like good value to me too.

Help Me Help You

Hello lovely members, I hope your week is getting off to a good start.

Here at BlogPiG we’re busy updating CloakPiG and we’re also working on SocialPiG and some revisions to CSVPiG.  You know we love making software but this year we’d also like to offer you some more helpful content.

I know that some of you have found Gary’s knowledge-sharing posts useful, e.g how to build a Facebook business page or how to optimise your computer desktop, and we’d like to provide you with more information which can help you run your sites, your business, your PC or even your life a little more efficiently.

But, before we publish content we ‘think’ you might want to hear about, how about you tell me what you’d like to hear about?

I know some of you have asked for more more information about datafeed marketing (building online stores from affiliate data feeds) and we’re working on that but is there anything else you’d like us to shed some light on or get a discussion going about?

Do you have any burning questions about blogging or Autoblogging?

Is there something you’ve always wanted to ask about WordPress?

Want some hints and tips on anything? Reviews of anything?

We’re always going to spend most of our time working on the software but if we can help you make even more of our products by furnishing you with other information, then let us work on that too for you.

So, do tell me how we can help and enlighten and I’ll extract what gems of knowledge and experience I can from the team here and the other people and resources we have access to – all without the aid of scary looking headgear, I might add.

Look forward to seeing your input!


Buying an IM Product? First Ask Yourself These 10 Questions!

This is the first post of the year at and I hope it finds you very well indeed.

As we all plan and dream for 2011, many of us will consider buying solutions which promise to help us achieve our aims.

Someone in this very position posted this question on a large Internet Marketing forum earlier today:

Do you believe in software making $xx,xxx a month?

This person was fed up with responding to claims such as this by handing over his credit card, only to be disappointed when the product didn’t deliver. I won’t bang on about the morals of this situation here, we all know this selling tactic is used in IM.

Anyway, this question prompted me to say as part of my response:

“People need to realise that claims of vast wealth are not what should influence their purchase decision when considering a product.”

But the promise of earning five figures a month is pretty compelling, right? And if you don’t use the claimed earning potential to assess if the product is right for you, what should you consider?

A lot of you will have learnt this lesson already but I thought I’d share, as humbly as I can, my suggested approach to any purchase of any info product, piece of software or money-making-system on the web.

First of all I would recommend you keep this in mind:

Any software, or indeed info product or system you ever buy should be treated by you as a tool in your toolbox, not as the Holy Grail.

Other tools you will have to rely on are:

  • Knowledge: the information you accumulate on your journey through IM
  • Yourself: your drive, your common sense, your application of knowledge, your action

You need to be up front with yourself about your level of knowledge and you need to be realistic about how much action you can or will take.

Then decide what your next step is within IM. Is it to learn more? Is it to build ten sites? Is it to earn your first $1 or to reach your next $5000? Is it to begin outsourcing or automating more of your work?

Commit to your next step. This next step is now your goal (not earning ‘$63,757’ this month or whatever other random figure someone has planted in your head).

Research your goal and see if you can achieve it without buying a product – I know, a left-field concept from someone who, er, makes and sells products. But really, ask yourself: Have I now got enough knowledge and time to achieve this goal purely through free resources and my own action?

Sometimes the answer will be a pleasantly surprising,’yes!’ In some cases the answer will be no, because your time is just too limited – not enough time to learn more, not enough time to do more. If this is the case, then you can start looking for a product to help you, but you’ll be doing it with more knowledge under your belt.

You’ll also be in control now – you are seeking a product to meet your needs; you are not having a product thrust upon you by someone who knows nothing about your needs, your knowledge level or your ability to take action.

So, you’ve driven your own road to a product you think you need in your tool box. Now, before you hand over your precious cash, here are the top ten questions I’d recommend you ask yourself:

1. Am I clear about what I need the product to do for me?

2. Have I found out about this product through a trusted source e.g. a satisfied customer, a colleague or someone I’ve had positive dealings with before?

3. Do I understand what this product actually does (not the $ it claims it will earn me) e.g. it generates content for my website?

4. Do I understand the non-monetary results I can expect from this product (not the $ it claims to deliver)? e.g. 100 articles per week will be posted to my site

5. Do I understand how much of my time this product will require to get the advertised results?

6. Do I understand who this product is aimed at – novice, intermediate or advanced IMers – and is that person me?

7. Am I confident this product will help me meet my current goal, or am I just hoping it will?

8. Can I afford to do without the money this product will cost me, without going into debt?

9. Do I fully understand the refund policy of this product?

10. Do I honestly have the time to dedicate to this product within the refund period?

Happy with your answers to those questions? Splendid! Then you’ll know to do one of two things; walk away (this will be the most common conclusion you come to) or buy that product and use it immediately!

Do you have any other questions you ask yourself before you buy something?

Do you ever ask a vendor pre-sales questions?

Would you dispute any of the above questions, or agree emphatically with any?

I hope this post helps some people either to make a more informed purchase or to avoid a wasted purchase. Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Kind regards,


TagPiG Update & News

It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of writing to everyone directly, I know Fiona has been doing a fine job of steering the good ship BlogPiG whilst I’ve had my head down developing SociaPiG with Alex. More on that later…

TagPiG 2.2.2 Released

This is minor update with following fixes:

  • We’ve updated the Yahoo API as they changed how it worked
  • TagPiG now uses the rel=”tag” microformat
  • We’ve removed TagTheNet as a source it has stopped working reliably
  • Removed some unused features from the UI

You can download TagPiG from BlogPiG Members’ Area now.

BlogPiG is Expanding!

If you’ve used the support desk may have met one the latest BlogPiG employess. Ayi has actually been with us for a few months now and has really made a big difference to our organisation.

Ayi is one of 3 new full-time employees at BlogPiG recently. Franky is running some promotions for BlogPiG and Ronnel is an awesome developer who’ll be working with Alex.

So BlogPiG is now a team of 6!

So Where is SocialPiG?

It’s delayed again I’m afraid. We’ve been working on nothing else but it’s such a huge project and I am determined to get it right.

It’s and awesome piece of kit and it’s doing some amazing things in the labs but there is still a way to go.

I’ve decided I can’t ruin the team’s Christmas by trying to force a release before the end of the year so I’ve pushed it back into the New Year.

I’ll be in touch again soon with more details and if you’re on the beta team Fiona will be in touch shortly too.

My sincerest apologies for the delay.


Stop Digging

I was once given a sage piece of advice by a boss: Once in a while you have to stop digging, get your head out of the hole and look around. That’s hard to do sometimes when your ‘to do’ list is longer than your arm.

Anyway, I stopped digging for a moment today and happened to have a re-read of one of our product pages. I realised with some surprise that even though the video mentioned one of the unique selling points of TagPiG, the copy on the page itself really didn’t make mention of this key point!

Good grief, what’s the point in creating a great feature if you don’t tell anyone about it? (I said as I clipped Gary around the ear!).

I know that BlogPiG has a higher calibre of member than your average site – I mean, you’re all so resourceful, intelligent and good looking (will flattery get me anywhere?) but I’m guessing you’re not telepathic, well at least not many of you. So I thought I’d just highlight one of TagPiG’s features in case you’re not making use of it yet.

You’ll already know that TagPiG automatically adds themed tags to your blogs and allows you to manage them, therefore getting way more pages deep indexed by the search engines. But what you might not have realised is that there is a unique feature which rotates all the tags created so that you help preserve your page rank!

Let me explain: TagPiG might source 30 or even 50 tags which relate to your blog post. Now, if you were to display all 50 or so tags at one time, your page rank could be dispersed among the many sub pages and diluted. TagPiG avoids this potential concern by allowing you to set a maximum number of tags to display at any one time, say five, or seven, and it then rotates through the 50 tags. That means that each time Google’s bots return to your post they are presented with a new set of tags and so index a new set of tag pages. That way your page rank isn’t decimated but you still get all those pages deep indexed! Clever, huh?

For more information about TagPiG just go to the product page here.

Anyway, the product page has been duly updated but it got me wondering if we undersell ourselves anywhere else. If you ever spot a feature or benefit of one of our products that we have neglected to mention, let us know! If we include it on the product page we’ll say thank you with a year’s fee license to a product of your choice!

Best wishes as ever,


Fancy a Pint?*

*Or, for those not familiar with that British colloquialism, the translation is: Wanna grab a beer?

So, today we got our tickets to go to the World Internet Summit UK in London.

The summit is on for four days (11th through 14th November) and we’ll probably be there on the Friday and Saturday. Never been before, no idea if it’s good but it came strongly recommended by a colleague of ours who’s been working for himself online for years and is well known at these things.

So, if anyone is planning to attend, let us know, we can exchange no.s, then come join us for a beer! If you haven’t got your ticket yet, let me know and I can send you a link which gets you and a friend in for $50 total rather than the $197 advertised.

I appreciate this invite is probably only useful to our UK customers – if we make it out to anything in the US in 2011, the offer of a beer will also stand!

If you’re wondering where Gary’s got to, well, he and Alex have got their heads down fine tuning SocialPiG. So much work is going into this product. I can’t wait for it to be ready, but my impatience is over-ruled by Gary’s perfectionism!

Anyway, if you’re in the UK and plan to or now want to head down to WIS, then, seriously, come and have a drink with us!

All the best,

P.S. If our jolly British chin wagging ever sounds like a load of cobblers to you, try these two amusing sites for translations: or